About Us

The Spirit Messengers are an art rock trio from Atlanta, GA, who use their music to open the channels of mystic energy that allow more consciousness to enter the world. Combining ancient mantras, psychedelic sounds that evolve from the expressive freedom of the 60s and 70s, and modern production techniques, the music and lyrics of The Spirit Messengers speak greater truths to a troubled world, offering ways to let go of the madness that surrounds us and step into the possibility of unity that lies just below the surface of our reality.

Don Martin (vocals/guitars), Stan Holt (drums/percussion), and Ian Boccio (vocals/synthesizers) manifested The Spirit Messengers in early 2022, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their first experiments in songwriting and arranging as a band resulted in a live album with accompanying videos, released in September of 2023. Since then the band has gone on to headline the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival and perform live around the Atlanta spiritual music scene, both at their own events and as the opener for touring artists such as David Newman and HuDost.

Ian Boccio

Vocals, Synthesizers, Bass Guitar, Harmonium

Spirit Guide: Scarab

Ian has taken on many roles over the past few decades: bass guitar player for rock and jazz bands, recording engineer and music producer, painter of abstract art, graphic designer, chant leader, meditation teacher, festival organizer, tour manager, keyboard player and synth programmer. After all that he's finally realized that it's all about consciousness - understanding where you are in this moment and how you are being in the world, in the purest possible sense. 

Don Martin

Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin

Spirit Guide: Crow

Stan Holt

Drums & Percussion

Spirit Guide: Jaguar